Speak Powerfully. Close Authentically. Profit Royally.™
Orlando, FL  |  October 25th-28th, 2018
GROW Your Influence.  EXPAND Your Audience.  STRENGTHEN Your Voice.

The World Speaker Summit is an exclusive gathering of high-level business owners, entrepreneurs, marketers, world-renowned speakers, bestselling authors, leading professionals, doctors, coaches, and consultants.

This is an intimate community of thought leaders. Our attendees are men and women at the top of their game. They not only want to achieve more - they want to impact more.

If you want to craft a message that resonates, deliver that message with power, and build a platform that reaches the world then The World Speaker Summit is for you.

See What Celebrities Have To Say...
Russell Brunson
Founder of ClickFunnels
Les Brown
World's Leading
Motivational Speaker

Robert Allen
Best Selling Author

  • Attracting more speaking and media opportunities because you are THE Undeniable Authority and celebrity in your field.
  • Converting more sales with greater authenticity and far less effort or resistance.
  • Multiplying your results with a platform that reaches larger audiences who want to do business with you.
  • Connecting with your prospects and clients on a deeper level that makes a true difference in their lives.
  • Creating a business that not only creates greater financial success, but gives you more time freedom and leverage, while doing your part to make an impact in the world.


Dave VanHoose is hands-down one of the most successful stage speakers in the world, possessing the magic ability to take any presentation to maximum sales conversions within a 24-hour period. With over 3,000 presentations personally delivered, he's tested & fine-tuned every element of a presentation down to the smallest detail for maximum returns. He'll share with you his proven techniques of a master closer - the Presentainer™.


The World Speaker Summit is different. In 3 days you’ll be given a blueprint to Speaking Empire’s proven and patented technologies for presenting more powerfully with greater impact.

You’ll be introduced to an entirely new way of looking at how you communicate and influence.

Just for starters:

The Presentainer® 

This is Dave’s patented technology for delivering a presentation that hypnotically builds rapport, influences, persuades and sells at much a much higher conversion all while keeping your audience-no matter the size-entertained and on the edge of their seats. (Your prospects will LOVE you and want to do business with you!)

The Group Power Day

We believe in your purpose & passion, and we all agree that your vision is worth sharing. What we do is mold your message & offering on top of a proven framework, then deliver a clean, colorful presentation based on your company branding.

This presentation is completely aligned with your message & offering and you’ll be proud to call it your own. When you’re ready to simply sit back & create while we do all the work for you, simply fill out the questionnaire below to see if you qualify for what we appropriately call a Group Power Day.

The Box Creation Workshop
We created The Box Creation Workshop because so many folks have come to our workshops and have learned about irresistible offers but they didn’t have an actual physical representation of it….

If you have an idea or have been procrastinating on getting your box done, we’d like to introduce you to our Box Creation Workshop. 

We know how, as business owners, we tend to run around and not do the things we should be doing...

You're going to be able to INCREASE your cash flow. You're going to be able to STOP selling your time, and you are going to be able to get your brand out, change the world and make your mark.
"One Word... INCREDIBLE"

Doug Ottersburg



This event is unlike any other conference or seminar you’ll ever attend. The atmosphere Speaking Empire creates is unique and attracts only the highest of caliber attendees.

  • You’re surrounded by A-level people, from all around the world, in numerous industries. You’ll make breakthroughs because of the connections and insights from different perspectives that you wouldn’t gain otherwise.
  • You’ll become part of the Speaking Empire family. You’ll leave this event part of a community of like-minded thought leaders. It’s a close-knit group that supports each others’ successes.
  • This is a celebration of results. You’ll hear from our top clients and how they use Speaking Empire technologies to transform their business today, and how you apply what you learn immediately.
  • You’ll have the opportunity to sit down one-on-one with your personal Speaking Empire coach to help you set a game plan to put your blueprint into action from the day you leave the event! Consider this your personal concierge to speaking success.
  • You’ll be given the white glove, royal treatment. You’ll become part of the Speaking Empire family. You’ll leave this event part of a community of like-minded thought leaders.
  • You’ll take home actionable, tangible strategies that you can put to use in your business immediately. Eliminate the guesswork, stress, and even fear or anxiety – and instead have the presence to present powerfully. 
  • VIP level attendees have special access to additional VIP only events such as the mastermind with our top level clients, invite only networking party, private breakthrough lunches and much more. 
We Empower Leaders To Go Out And Empower The World
Forbes Riley
"I actually implemented into a live presentation on Home Shopping. Know what happened? My sales went nuts!"
Daven Michaels
"Speaking Empire has been life-changing for me."
Charles Davis
"This is something you truly want to be a part of and don't want to miss."
  •  How to take the message that lives inside you and turn it into a real business that allows you to make a great income for years to come
  •  How to create a product or service from scratch, and design it in the right way to make it easier for you to sell
  •  How to structure persuasive messages that get your audience asking for more—whether you are speaking on a stage, being interviewed on podcast, or streaming LIVE on Facebook
  •  How to become “so good” at delivering your message and entertaining your audience that they marvel at you (just like you marvel at your favorite speakers and influencers)
  •  How to overcome any fear or anxiety you might feel about speaking or presenting for good so that you can step into the spotlight and build your very own Speaking Empire 
  •  Everything you need to know about marketing in today’s modern world: to build your audience, get gigs, and get the right people responding to your message
  •  How to find JV partners and other success-minded individuals who are excited to help you on your mission to amplify your impact and make change in the world
  •  How to attract more speaking and media opportunities because you are THE Undeniable Authority and celebrity in your field …
This is when you are going to discover how to be successful when it comes to building your Speaking Empire by taking the message that lives inside you and turning it into a real business that allows you to make a great income for years to come.

A big focus of this day is learning our Irresistible Offer Architecture®. This formula helps you create offers your prospects can’t help but want to buy. It involves diving into the deepest wants and desires of the market and then providing the perfect solution. On day one, we will reveal our method for creating offers your prospects can’t refuse.

PLUS . . . don’t miss our awards ceremony for some of our most successful students who are attending the event. These are seasoned industry speakers you most likely look up to and will most certainly want to know.
This is the only presentation formula you will ever need to learn—whether you are speaking from a stage, webinar, or live stream or being interviewed on a podcast, Facebook LIVE, or any other platform—and on day two, Dave is going to teach it to you! What’s so special about this presentation blueprint is how it is structured with persuasive messages that get your audience asking for more and wanting to buy your new Irresistible Offer.

Then you are going to discover how to become “so good” at delivering your message and entertaining your audience that they marvel at you (just like you marvel at your favorite speakers and influencers) using Dave’s Presentainer® Technology.

If you’re serious about influential communication and master the principles of Presentaining™.
This entire day is about everything you need to know about marketing in today’s modern world to build your audience, get gigs, and get the right people responding to your message.

The world of marketing is changing, and a major shift is happening. No longer can you live in a time of pure sales. Creating a brand your ideal clients and customers respond to is all about creating a marketing system that involves Direct Response Marketing, Branding Visuals, and PR. When we teach our newest Brand Response™ methods, you will discover not only how to capture the attention of your buyers, but also how to build a reputation of trust and authority and be THE Undeniable Authority and celebrity in your field so you can attract more speaking.
Is TWSS right for me?
If you’re a speaker, trainer, professional services provider, author, coach, consultant or anyone whose business can benefit from connecting and influencing others then this event is for you.

The power to build rapport, trust, and authority in a one-on-one sale, or to a room full of ideal prospects is something that can change your business, your earning power, and your life.
What if I’m just getting started?
Many Speaking clients have no prior speaking or selling experience. However, by following the Speaking Empire Closing Formula and our proven blueprints for successfully selling in any situation, many have gone on to create large businesses. In fact, you’ll read a few of our case studies below.
I’m already a professional speaker, will I get any value?
What’s most interesting about Speaking Empire is that we not only help those starting out, but many of our clients are the upper-echelon of speakers and marketers today. The “magic” within our company lies in the mastery of our core abilities. So even if you’ve been speaking or selling in front of an audience for more than 20 years, you’ll benefit from the refinements and nuances we’ve discovered and can help you adopt that could lead to huge multiplied growth in your business.
Why do I need to attend a live event?
Sure, Speaking Empire has home study courses you can learn from, but there is something unique and special about a live, in-person event that you can never replace, even with the very best recording.
Speaking Empire events are an experience – The World Speaker Summit is no different. Nowhere else in the world can you learn for 3 full days from masters at the craft of marketing and selling from the platform.

Not only that, but you’ll be in a room surrounded by only the most successful men and women in their fields. This is your opportunity to create relationships that will last a lifetime. 
Will I save more money buying more than 1 ticket at a time?
ABSOLUTELY! If you are looking to buy 2 or more tickets, whether it be General Admission or VIP, please call Caroline directly @ (800) 687-4061 and recieve a group discount!
What do I need to bring?
Pens and pads will be available for you but we suggest bringing extra just in case. You may bring your laptop/ipad for note taking as well. Outlets may not be available in the room so please be sure your devices are fully charged upon arrival.

We also recommend bringing a water bottle and light snacks in case we take a late break/lunch.
How long does the event go on for?
This is a 3 day event. However, if you are a VIP, you will have access to attend a day prior (Thursday, October 25th) for our exclusive Mastermind session.

Event starts approximately around 9:15am each day and will end around 5:30pm, or whenever the last speaker is finished presenting. You know how speakers are...
Will there be breaks in-between sessions?
There will be a break mid morning and mid afternoon. Duration of break time may vary. Lunch is typically 1hr and 30mins. 
 Is there assigned seating?
Seating is available on a first come, first served basis. We recommend arriving early in order to get the seat of your choice. You will more than likely have a new seat each day. VIP's will be allowed to enter the room first.
Dress to impress! There will be a lot of successful people attending this event as well as possible Joint Ventures and potential partners. Jeans, shorts and T-shirts are NOT recommended.

First impressions really do matter!

Photography and video recording will be in process during the entire event.

Upon your arrival, a Release Form MUST be signed and turned in at Check In.
Breakfast, lunch & dinner are on your own. However, expect to attend meals with your fellow attendees as this will be a perfect time to network and joint venture with others!

Friday's VIP Dinner is included with ticket purchase.

At the Networking Party on Saturday, hors d'oeuvres and beverages will be provided.
$5.00 for self parking per vehicle
Shuttle transportation is NOT provided by the hotel. We recommend using Uber.  
Orlando International Airport
1 Jeff Fuqua Blvd,
Orlando, FL 32827
(19miles from hotel)
Orlando Sanford International Airport
1200 Red Cleveland Blvd,
Sanford, FL 32773
(12 miles from hotel)
"This Event is... Life Changing...!"

John Racine


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